Industries we serve:

Customized security for your unique environment.

Paladin provides a high quality alternative for organizations that require the very best for their security programs. By integrating professionally trained Security Officers with state-of-the-art technology, and then customizing our programs around the unique needs of a select few vertical markets, we have created industry-leading security programs that meet all of our clients' unique and exacting needs. In short, we have set the bar for 'Best Practices' within the security industry, and because of this, we deliver unparalleled value.     

  • Healthcare Security

    Creating and maintaining a safe and secure environment in support of patients, residents and clients receiving quality care.

    At Paladin, our extensive experience in healthcare facilities across Canada allows us to focus our industry leading programs beyond the traditional protection of assets philosophy to create customer focused, service oriented staff coupled with integrated security solutions for the fragile, dynamic and complex environment of healthcare.

  • Oil, Gas & Industrial Security

    Safety and security are key concerns for Oil, Gas & Industrial businesses, and the balance between safety and security is complex. 

    In order to create the safest and most secure environment, we provide leading-edge integrated systems technologies, highly trained security officers, and a management team that is focused on delivering a safety program that is second to none. Our security officers also receive extensive specialized training that exceeds all industry, provincial and jurisdictional requirements in Canada.

  • Office & Commercial High-Rise Security

    Our strategic staffing model provides the right fit for every environment from small suburban office parks to the largest AAA office complexes.

    Paladin provides unmatched customer service and safety for commercial office buildings across Canada. We build complete security programs that include Business Continuity & Emergency Preparedness Plans, updated Post Orders, site security risk assessments, security system plans, and highly trained security officers who possess superior customer service skills. 

  • College Campuses & Post Secondary Education Security

    We teach our security officers to be a class above so that we can provide the best campus security in the country.

    In order to facilitate quality education, students require a safe and secure environment within which to learn. As a major provider of security to post secondary institutions across the country, Paladin Security has the experience and expertise to protect your most important assets -- both human and physical. 

  • Shopping Mall & Retail Security

    We customize our Shopping Mall & Retail Security approach because malls are more than just buildings and businesses -- they're communities.

    With millions of people visiting their local Shopping Centre each year, a customer service approach to the security program is vital. At Paladin, we have built our Mall and Retail Security Programs to create a safe, secure and welcoming environment that satisfies the needs of the three key client groups: the mall management, the tenants, and the shopping centre's customers. 

  • Government Security

    Efficiently Protecting Municipal, Provincial and Federal Governments from threats in a modern-day world. 

    With ever-tightening budgets, governments across Canada are searching for new and more efficient ways of protecting their physical and human assets. Paladin’s full service, value-based approach enables governments to actually improve their security levels while saving money in the process.

  • Hotel & Residential High-Rise Security

    Hotel & High-rise security is about providing a friendly face and serious security protection.

    At many hotels and residential high-rises, security officers are the face of the building. They provide a level of hospitality and support that improves the overall guest / tenant experience and through this, make your property more valuable. Consequently, they must have exceptional communication and interpersonal skills, while also providing the crucial service of security.

  • Parking and By-Law Enforcement

    From private parking lots to city streets, Paladin's parking enforcement services are an efficient way to enforce parking regulations and by-laws.

    Effective parking and by-law enforcement helps maximize revenue and parking efficiency. Our expertise and experience in the parking enforcement market enables us to deliver value-based services for cities and municipalities, public institutions, hospitals, campuses and private lot operators.

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