Government Security

Protecting major infrastructure and government facilities across the country

Paladin Security provides superior protection for municipal, provincial and federal government buildings across Canada. From high security courthouses to ministry offices, and from police stations to city halls, we provide a combination of professional Security Officer services, access control systems, CCTV systems, alarm systems, monitoring services and alarm response to ensure the efficient and effective provision of security.

At Paladin, we clearly understand the unique security challenges facing governments in today's post 9/11 world. We assist our clients in developing safety and security programs for their critical infrastructure, as well as their everyday places of work. Since the efficient delivery of service is critical to the government sector, Paladin uses benchmarking from similar organizations along with Key Performance Indicators to ensure a streamlined but safe approach to our clients' security needs.

Services Provided to the Government Market:

  • Innovative technological solutions that make sense in a government environment
  • Highly trained Security Officers with the skills and capabilities to succeed in a government environment 
  • 24/7 Operations Centres providing support to our staff and clients
  • Mobile Patrol and Alarm Response to offer timely and efficient solutions
  • Additional security resources on-demand for special events, labour issues, fire watches and emergencies
  • Security Consulting & Risk Assessment tailored to government environments
  • Fire Safety services including fire plans, training, drills and exercises
  • Emergency Management & Business Continuity support
  • Development of KPIs and benchmarking with similar agencies


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Mar 22, 2017
Canadian grown company brings award-winning approach to the US marketplace

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