Why Security

Why choose a career in security?

Are you looking to start your career in security, but not sure if it's right for you? Are you looking to enhance your personal and professional development in a positive environment, where your employer recognises your talent and supports your growth?

Are you looking for an exciting and rewarding career?

In five short years, the security industry grew to over 200 billion dollars per year in 2010. The truth is, we are in one of the fastest growing and most exciting industries in the world!
Paladin Security is a leader in the security industry. Our company is growing more than three times as fast as the security industry, thanks to our belief in promotion from within. We take pride in developing our own people into successful supervisors, managers and executives. Invest in yourself and take advantage of what Paladin can do for you and your career!

Are you looking for a career in policing?

Policing is a challenging career, and one that has a long and difficult application process to get through. Many don’t make it and many more get deferred to gain some necessary “life experience.” A job in security working at an active location can provide you with just the type of experience the police recruiting officer is looking for.

Are you are a student?

Being a student is tough and it is expensive. Tuition, books, housing, food and transportation are expensive realities of everyday life for most students. A part-time job in security might  be the perfect solution. Many positions at quiet sites require a Security Officer to remain alert, assisting with alarm response and access control. These positions quite often allow a student some time to read and study.

Are you semi-retired?

After a productive working life, many people find that retirement does not provide them with the sense of fulfillment that they were looking for. The security industry can be the perfect place to look for that part-time job that has the hours and flexibility that will suit you and your life situation.

Are you a Veteran or Reservist?

If you are looking to find a meaningful and long lasting employment opportunity, Paladin can provide you with the skills to enhance your personal and professional development in a positive environment, where your growth is supported and your talent is recognized. Paladin is a proud MET partner. 


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Mar 22, 2017
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