Commercial Business Security Tips

Learn about safety & security for your business

Your business is not immune to theft or security breaches. To be proactive about crime, we've created a list of practical prevention tips. 

Commercial Security Tips
  • How to Handle a Shoplifting Incident

    Most people employed in a retail environment are faced with shoplifting incidents on a regular, if not frequent, basis. Unfortunately though, most do not know exactly how they should handle the situation ... Read More

  • Armed Robberies

    Armed Robberies are occurring with alarming frequency in urban centres across the country. Fortunately, most of these do not result in injury to the victims, but this is more often due to good luck than good planning... Read More

  • Office Safety

    It is imperative that everyone in your office takes a personal interest in keeping the workplace safe for all. Paying attention to the little things will assist in safeguarding your office from potential thieves... Read More

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Feb 8, 2017
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