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Program Overview

Paladin Security has been serving the Vancouver retail community for more than 20 years, with services ranging from supply chain management, investigations, uniformed Security Officers and retail loss prevention.

Paladin’s Loss Prevention Officer (LPO) department is the cornerstone of our retail security program. To manage the risks associated with this type of work, we continually renew our training, policies and procedures to ensure they are the most stringent in the industry.

Our officers train extensively in voluntary compliance. With a focus on resolving arrest situations without the use of force, we are able to significantly reduce the risk of injury and liability to our clients and staff. Paladin’s LPOs all receive the following training:

Certificate, Non Violent Crisis Intervention:

Focuses on the communication skills required to gain voluntary compliance from persons who are acting irrationally. Through situational exercises, students learn the key concepts of Demonstrating Respect, Empathic Listening, and Setting and Enforcing Limits.

Certificate, Provincial Violence Prevention Curriculum:

Students are taught how to manage aggressive behaviour through non-violent methods. Originally developed to address aggression in a clinical setting, it provides LPOs with an additional set of skills to employ when interacting with mentally ill individuals.

Certificate, Advanced Security Training:

This course addresses the full spectrum of aggression management issues, including: Criminal Code sections, the National Use of Force framework, and the proper use of control tactics techniques. This course has been designed and administered by the Justice Institute of BC and adapted to the needs of an LPO, with a focus on situational role playing and response.

Certificate, PPCT Defensive Tactics:

Similar to Advanced Security Training, this course is designed for police officers and outlines the most appropriate approach to dealing with an aggressive or non-compliant person when working alone.

Certificate, Paladin Response Options Training:

This recertification program requires students to demonstrate competency in communication, theory and practical approaches to the management of aggression.

Certificate, Occupational First Aid Level One:

Approved by Worksafe BC, this course covers scene assessment, Priority Action Approach and lifesaving techniques, and provides students with skills required to intervene in a lifesaving event.

In additional to the above noted in-class training, each Loss Prevention Officer is required to complete the following courses through Paladin’s online training institute:

·         Workplace Hazardous Information Sheets

·         Retail Loss Prevention training

·         Active Shooter training

·         Note Taking and Report Writing

·         Media Relations

·         Slip, Trip and Falls: Liability Preventing and Reporting

·         Patrol Techniques and Procedures

·         Radio Procedures

·         Investigation and Crime Scene Protection

·         Dealing with persons with Mental Illness

·         Workplace Respect

·         National Use of Force Framework overview (in development)


With superior training, managerial support and experience, Paladin’s team of LPOs consistently produced exceptional results.  Paladin’s customer service is combined with industry leading training programs to create the very best Loss Prevention program in the industry.  


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