Emergency Response

With Paladin Security, help is only minutes away

Most police forces within Canada now require an emergency contact to attend at all alarm dispatches. Without this confirmed attendance, the police will simply not respond to the alarm call. 

If you are concerned that investigating alarms at your home or office may jeopardize your safety, or your family or friends, then Paladin's Emergency Alarm Response Program is the perfect solution to ease your mind. Similarly, if you have been charged with false alarm dispatch fines by your local police department, then Paladin's Emergency Response Program is the perfect solution for your pocketbook. 

Our Mobile Security Officers will respond to your alarms - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Paladin Security has one of the largest private emergency response fleets in Canada, so we're always able to respond swiftly to your safety and security needs. 

Once on site, Paladin's security team will make a full sweep of the residence or business. Our highly trained Mobile Security Officers will take further action depending on the nature of the alarm, what they find and your prior instructions. After the emergency situation is resolved, you'll receive a complete Incident Report detailing our efforts and the results of our on site investigation. 

With Paladin Security, help is only minutes away.

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    Mar 22, 2017
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