Interactive Control

Stay connected with your home while at work or on vacation

Paladin's Interactive Control service gives you the ability to access and control your security system right from your mobile device or PC so you can know what is happening at your home while you're away.

Your own private video connection allows you to check up on your kids, pets, nanny or grandparents at any time and, with instant notification, you keep track of when your kids, guests or home repair service people come and go. And aside from viewing live video, you can store video clips for later reference. Did that courier really leave a package at the front door this morning?

You can also choose to get notification from a variety of devices - even water sensors to tell you if a potential flood is about to happen from that overflowing laundry sink!

And you can also check your alarm system status at any time to see if it’s armed or disarmed, or if a window or door has been left open. Forget to arm your system this morning? No problem - you can do it easily and remotely from you mobile device or PC.

Paladin supports iControl, TotalConnect and ipDatatel service.

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Mar 22, 2017
Canadian grown company brings award-winning approach to the US marketplace

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