Home Security Tips

How to keep your home & family safe at all times.

The truth is, it's actually not that hard to break into most homes. The problem is that most homes have weak points, and seasoned thieves are pretty good at finding them. Some weak points are obvious such as an open patio door or a basement-floor window left open in the summer, but others you may not be aware of. There are plenty of ways that you can protect your home from being targeted for crime and here are a few tips.

Home Security tips
  • Tip 1: Doors

    In almost half of burglaries, thieves enter through the front door. In fact, 80% of break-ins are committed through a door. Find out how to make your doors secure ... Read More

  • Tip 2: Locks

    A chain is only as strong as its weakest link and in order to make your house safe, it is best to have effective locks. Most domestic thefts and crimes are committed by breaking locks of doors. Find out how make your locks really lock...Read More

  • Tip 3: Windows

    Not surprisingly, most burglars who do not enter your home through a door do so through one of your windows. Find out how to make your windows impenetrable...Read More

  • Tip 4: Yard

    No burglar wants to be caught; therefore, they’ll target the homes that they feel are the least risky. Depending upon your fence and yard, you may be deterring would-be burglars or inviting them into your home. Find out...Read More

  • Tip 5: Location

    The three most important things to look for when choosing your home are "location, location, and location!”  This statement is also true when it comes to your susceptibility to crime. Chances are, what makes a home appealing to you, also makes it appealing to a burglar...Read More

  • Tip 6: Dogs

    While professionally trained dogs are one of the better deterrents against burglars, most dogs do not have this type of training. A good burglar knows that he can turn most dogs into friendly pets with a chunk of meat, or a weapon...Read More

  • Tip 7: Lighting

    When you light up your property, you turn the lights out on crime. Find out how to use lighting strategically for your home security...Read More

  • Tip 8: Who's There

    Do you find out who's at your door before opening it? With home invasions increasing rapidly, it’s crucial to know who is at your door when you hear a knock. Find out how to protect yourself and your neighbours...Read More

  • Tip 9: Temptations

    While many burglaries are planned in advance, some are crimes of opportunity. Not surprisingly, the best way to safeguard against crimes of opportunity is simply to take away the opportunity...Read More

  • Tip 10: Too Much Information

    Are you giving out details that help a thief? If a burglar calls, and hears on your voicemail that you’ll be on vacation in the sunny Caribbean for two weeks, those will be the sweetest words he could hear. Find out how to keep security in mind...Read More

  • Tip 11: Get Involved

    Statistics show that neighbourhoods with Block Watch or Neighbourhood Watch programs experience a decrease in crime. Members of the community who actually care enough to do something about the increase in crime do make a difference...Read More

  • Tip 12: Alarm Systems

    Alarm systems are the best deterrent against burglaries. According to a recent study of 6,343 residential burglaries in the city of Calgary, only 74 of them occurred in homes with an alarm system. And of 15,505 residential break-ins in Toronto, only 2% occurred in homes with alarm systems...Read More

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