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Paladin's tips for personal safety

With crime rates spiraling upwards, personal safety must be addressed. Especially where staff parking areas are far away from the entrances, care should be taken to park personal vehicles under or close to well lit areas. If possible, when walking to vehicles at night after dark, it is best to travel in groups so that the group entity affords protection to all within.

It is also advisable to have your keys in your hand as you approach your vehicle. Fumbling for keys with your head down makes a very vulnerable target for the potential attacker. Walk briskly and with a purpose - directly from A to B. These are important points. The type of criminal who preys on women in parking lots tends to look for easy targets. People who are loaded down with packages. People who appear confused or uncertain of their direction. Display an air of confidence and purpose when you walk. Always keep one hand free and unencumbered.


Personal Security & Safety Tips
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