Tip 7: Lighting

Turn the lights out on crime

More and more burglaries take place during daylight hours, but lights are still very important in your fight against crime. Indoor lights suggest that the home is lived in and occupied, while outdoor lights deprive a thief of privacy. Outside lighting should cover all your doorways and entrances: these are the most likely areas to be attacked, so they are also the most critical areas to protect. If possible, you should also bathe as much of the rest of your property in light as you can. If you live on a park or wooded area, this side of the home should be extremely well lit.  

Installation tips

Make sure to place your lights ten feet off the ground, where possible, to avoid a tampering thief and to provide better illumination.

Use motion-sensitive spotlights to light up your driveway or the path beside your home. While burglars are likely to know that there is not someone there who just turned on the light, the sudden illumination is quite often enough to make you or your neighbour take notice of it and look outside, which a burglar doesn’t want.

Use light timers, which are inexpensive, so that when you’re not home, interior lights turn on and turn off with the same regularity that they do when your home is occupied. Place light timers all over your home in different rooms, so that it is not always the hall light or the bedroom light that goes on. Also, try hooking up a radio to one of them to provide a little extra noise.

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