Injury / Long-term Disability

25% of injury claims have an element of fraud or misinformation

The cost of insurance fraud exceeds $500 million annually in Canada and it is estimated that roughly 25% of injury claims have an element of fraud or misinformation. Paladin investigators have conducted thousands of hours of surveillance related to personal injury, long-term disability and workers compensation claims. We specialize in obtaining covert video documentation in an effort to show a “day in the life” of a claimant and provide our clients with detailed reporting of our findings. We adhere to all legal practices in order to ensure that our evidence is court ready. All of our investigations also include open source analysis in an effort to obtain any information which can better direct our surveillance for a more cost effective result.


Investigators were retained by an insurance provider to conduct surveillance on an individual, in an effort to confirm his level of activity. The subject had a long-term disability claim with our client. The subject was picked up by our surveillance team from the offices of our insurer, where he arrived wearing a neck collar and a cast on his right leg, using crutches at the time of his departure. The subject arrived at home a short time later and remained there for several days without activity. Surveillance was continued and it was later discovered that the subject was hiding in the trunk of his wife’s vehicle to travel to a restaurant where they worked together. It was noted throughout the surveillance that the subject continued to wear the neck collar, cast and use crutches; however, upon further review, it was determined that the subject’s cast was now on his left leg and not on his right where he had indicated his injury previously. After reviewing our surveillance video, the subject’s benefits were discontinued and a fraud charge was laid. Over a period of ten years, this amounted to $1 million dollars in savings for our client.

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