Interviewing / Interrogation

Investigative interviewing is an essential aspect of the process.

As most information comes from people, an interview is a conversation intended to solicit information. At Paladin, our investigators are experienced in conducting various types of interviews with various types of people, including witnesses and potential suspects. Our investigators are also skilled in recording those statements in written form to produce an accurate report for our clients. Additionally, our interview and interrogation experts are skilled in obtaining witness and suspect statements, compiling comprehensive reports, and employing various styles of interviews, including the Wicklander-Zulawski technique. 


A Paladin client contacted investigators when issues arose with an employee. The client suspected the employee was involved in paying kickbacks to contractors, along with laundering company funds through his personal contracting business. Paladin investigators conducted open source searches and surveillance, in unison with an undercover operative to gain further information. After all the facts were compiled, investigators were able to garner a general sense of how this employee operated his scheme, however, concrete evidence was not obtained through the investigation itself. One of our experienced interviewers ellicited a full confession from the suspected employee, using his seasoned interrogation skills and minimal information obtained from the investigation. The employee was terminated with cause, criminally charged, and successfully sued in civil court for investigation and legal costs.

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Mar 22, 2017
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