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Witness locates, interviews & full background investigations

We have extensive experience in testifying and presenting evidence in court. Our investigators have testified in both criminal and civil proceedings, and are primarily involved in cases pertaining to negligence, employment, long-term disability, criminal cases, civil cases and liability trials. Additionally, our investigators have direct knowledge and a strong understanding of the Health Professions Act, in addition to an advanced knowledge of Regulatory Compliance. 


Paladin investigators were contacted by Plaintiff Counsel in the middle of a civil trial involving a serious child abuse matter. The incident took place many years ago abroad. Defense Counsel indicated that their client was not present at the location where the actual abuse took place during that time period. Investigators were able to conduct database searches and obtain historical information confirming the defendant’s presence at the exact location of the alleged abuse. In fact, the information confirmed that the defendant was actually employed at a business directly across from the location. As a result of our findings, a settlement was reached.

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