Undercover Operations

Proven track record in successful undercover ops

Investigators with diverse backgrounds and skill-sets have the ability to infiltrate a broad range of organizations. Our undercover investigators fit within many scenarios and work discreetly to uncover information within environments such as workplaces, political groups and event settings.
Corporate undercover investigations are one of the most powerful methods of investigation. In essence, it is nothing more than the surreptitious placement of a properly trained and skilled investigator, posing as an employee, into an unsuspecting workforce for the purpose of gathering intelligence. Undercover operatives are unique in their ability to blend into a variety of different situations, and we only employ Human Asset handlers who are well experienced in source handling.


Paladin investigators were retained to look into a rash of thefts from a corporate shipping firm. The initial investigation indicated that the company’s employees might be involved. Our undercover investigators were placed within the regular company workforce in an effort to gather intelligence regarding any illegal activities. Over the course of several months, our investigators were able to infiltrate a small group of company employees who were responsible for the thefts. Contact was made with local police and a joint operation was launched. The operation resulted in the arrest of two employees, the return of $60,000 worth of equipment and, following a civil trial, the client was able to recover an additional $86,000 in costs.

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Mar 22, 2017
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