Barry Cochran

Manager of Security & Emergency Services

Paladin Security has been a foundation here at SAIT Polytechnic for over 10 years.

Their continued professional operations at our post secondary school of 15,000 students and staff provides all the security and safety related necessities that a small town requires. Operating 24/7, the dedicated Paladin personnel here at SAIT Polytechnic ensure that our daily business operations continue without interruption.

The well trained patrollers respond to a daily variety of events on campus, including emergency medical events and trespassers, with reliability and professionalism. Paladin Security is also providing ongoing consulting and support to SAIT Polytechnic in the areas of Emergency Response Planning with the delivery of table top scenarios and building evacuation training. There is no shortage of the value added services that can be cultivated from the subject matter experts within this highly valued service provider.


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An Extraordinary Acknowledgement

Feb 8, 2017
Paladin Security Officer Awarded a Civic Service Award by the Victoria Police Department

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