Corinna Snooks

Leadership Co-Chair, Relay for Life Dartmouth

On behalf of the planning committee of Relay For Life in Dartmouth, I want to extend a very big THANK YOU for all of your efforts to provide us with security staff for our Relay For Life Event. As a committee, we spend a great deal of time asking for things, which can be a great challenge. We are grateful to have the support of so many orgainizations, and we appreciate what you have helped us achieve. The Paladin Security Officers, who volunteered their time and were presented with certificates of appreciation, conducted themselves in a very professional manner and were always available when we needed them. They assisted in making our event safer for our volunteers counting money on site, and for all of the participants who are coming to recognize your staff at our event. Relay is an event with such a positive atmosphere and your staff helped us keep it that way.


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An Extraordinary Acknowledgement

Feb 8, 2017
Paladin Security Officer Awarded a Civic Service Award by the Victoria Police Department

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