Joelle Belanger

Safety & Security Manager, BLJC/WSI

I have had the pleasure of working closely with Paladin's management and executive level teams while closely monitoring their on the ground service delivery, and can say with all honesty, the product and support they deliver is exemplary and continues to surpass my expectations. Their uncanny ability to provide a high level product day in and day out makes my job as a security manager easier and, perhaps most importantly, Paladin continues to provide BLJC/WSI with unique ways of advancing our security program with a seemingly endless amount of knowledge and enthusiasm. Due to their ability to far exceed our contractual requirements, maintain excellently deported and well trained staff, and their overall commitment to us as a client, I would be happy to recommend Paladin Security as the provider of choice in the security industry.


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An Extraordinary Acknowledgement

Feb 8, 2017
Paladin Security Officer Awarded a Civic Service Award by the Victoria Police Department

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