Ron Kristjansson

General Manager, Provincial Exhibition of Manitoba at the Keystone Centre

Paladin Security has handled our security needs for all of our events for several years. The Provincial Exhibition of Manitoba has a long history of partnerships within the province of Manitoba and we have a very good one with Paladin Security. Both our organization and Paladin are very committed to, and proud to be an important part of, the City of Brandon and the province of Manitoba. Paladin staff is the main contact for any type of emergency situation that may arise as they have direct contact with emergency services, the Keystone Centre and our own organization. Paladin Security in Brandon does a very good job at working with the diverse group of people our events attract. They are a great help in planning as they understand our events so well. They submit daily written reports to our staff and attend our meetings during events to work with us to address any issues that may arise. They are always able to adapt to any new security roles that develop at our events. The nature of our large fairs means that there is a wide variety of details that Paladin Security deals with for us. They do an excellent job of dealing with multiple priorities in what can be a quickly changing environment - from parking control to audience interaction, monitoring livestock after-hours and alerting the appropriate people if a problem arises. Their on-site presence at the Keystone Centre, and their familiarity with the facilitity and our events, is a great benefit to our organization. Paladin Security covers our security needs and works very well with Brandon emergency services to maintain a safe environment for our fair goers.


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Mar 22, 2017
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