Stacey Claffey

General Manager, Commercial, ProCura Real Estate Services Ltd.

The service provided by Paladin Security’s team of Officers is truly exceptional.

The security professionals are known by name by our staff, tenants and stakeholders. Consistency is key not only in our operations and procedures, but also in our occupants of the building seeing a similar face at the concierge desk or patrolling the property. Each day, these Security Officers are faced with a number of situations that can impact the safety and security of not only the buildings they protect but, more importantly, the individuals within them. They are in most cases the first customer service impression made to the public at the properties and the individuals we turn to for assistance when emergency situations occur before the authorities arrive.

Their training and expertise makes the difference as to whether or not a response time is impacted that could affect the medical outcome of a person in distress or ensuring evacuation procedures in an emergency situation are not impeded. Their expertise, professionalism and proactive approach to safety and security support our efforts to provide safe and secure buildings. Paladin is one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies and an industry leader far exceeding their competitors’ standards. The “Best Practices” they promote truly do guarantee superior customer service and this is a philosophy that each member of their security team demonstrates on the job each and every day at our properties.


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Mar 22, 2017
Canadian grown company brings award-winning approach to the US marketplace

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