Stephen Ly

Paladin Security Site Supervisor

I started my tenure with Paladin Security in 2010 as a Healthcare Security Officer, and I was immediately awe-struck by the breadth of tasks and duties performed by our staff daily.

Within six months, I was able to achieve my first epaulette as I was considered for Occupational First Aid Training II and, a few months later, I was promoted to a Shift Supervisor where I was mentored and challenged throughout by my Client Service Manager (CSM) and Site Supervisor as to what the Paladin difference is all about.

After being put through my paces, I was successfully selected as a Senior Shift Supervisor at my site, where I really began to see a future within the company. The chance to move up within the ranks and see the vast improvements in not only the way I present myself at work, but also outside of work really made me happy. I was always nervous speaking in public, but my work helped me to face my fears.

Last year, I took advantage of the opportunity to participate in one of Paladin’s Leadership Development Days at Head Office, so I applied and was successful. Through this course, I learned the true meaning of managing a team and what it really means to “take the next step” in your career. I was able to use the information I gained in my everyday work and, after completing the course, Paladin won a vast number of contracts within the healthcare security field, so I knew at this point it was time to step it up a gear.

I applied for a Site Supervisor position and knew that this would be a tremendous step forward in moving me towards my end goal of joining the management team at Paladin. I was thrilled to receive a call from my CSM congratulating me on the promotion. After nearly three years, I’m right where I want to be and I’m honoured that I can speak to Paladin’s belief in promoting from within. I’ve had a lot of jobs in my life so far, but none that compare to Paladin, which is a life-long career.


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