Thomas Taggart

Client Service Manager
Client Service Manager Thomas Taggart on Promotion From Within

I've been part of the Paladin family for several years now, initially joining Paladin Security in Halifax in the healthcare security field. 

In addition to acting as Shift Supervisor, I was awarded the part-time position of Training Officer.

Soon, I was promoted to Second-In-Command, and from there to Site Supervisor at the largest trauma centre east of Montreal.

In November of 2012, I was again promoted to Field Manager until I became a Client Service Manager in July of 2013.

Paladin has allowed me to grow my skillset and grow with the company. I wasn't sure I would ever be in the position to make a career out of security, but Paladin has given me that opportunity and I am forever grateful. 


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An Extraordinary Acknowledgement

Feb 8, 2017
Paladin Security Officer Awarded a Civic Service Award by the Victoria Police Department

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