Emergency Alarm Response

Minimize your risk with timely alarm response by trained professionals

Responding to an alarm in a timely manner can be a challenging, dangerous and inconvenient responsibility for property owners or property managers, yet local police departments require someone to attend every time an alarm occurs.

That’s why Paladin Security is pleased to offer our exclusive Emergency Alarm Response service. This service is available to homeowners and businesses who are looking for the peace of mind in knowing that, no matter what time of day or night it is, a trained security professional will attend to their alarm in a fast and efficient manner.

What Happens When a Security Officer is Dispatched to Your Alarm?

  • When a Mobile Security Officer is dispatched to an alarm, they are provided with the site address and any pertinent information regarding the nature of the alarm.
  • As the Mobile Security Officer gets within a block or so of the site, he will radio our Operations Centre with his status and note suspicious persons or vehicles fleeing the area.
  • Once on-site, our Mobile Security Officer will perform a comprehensive perimeter check of your home or business for signs of forced entry. The Mobile Officer will also check all perimeter doors, windows and gates for signs of tampering or forced entry.
  • Before departing the site, our Mobile Officer will inform Paladin’s Operation Control Centre of their findings.
  • All responses are fully documented and reports are then emailed or faxed. Where fax or email services are not available, a written report can be left on site or other arrangements can be made to ensure that our clients are apprised of all alarm occurrences pertaining to their property.

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Mar 22, 2017
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