Paladin Security security jobs in London and St. Thomas, Ontario

Ever wonder what it’s like to work in security? Curious about your future career opportunities? Paladin is hiring for all security positions. Build your career with one of Canada's largest security companies.

What We're Hiring For

We’re hiring security guards for healthcare, mobile, commercial, industrial, retail, special events, and post-secondary locations across Canada. To apply now, just click on the button of the role you would like to apply to.
Security Guard - London & St. Thomas - Full Time, Part-Time - Various Sites
Security Guard - Mobile Patrol - Full Time - St. Thomas (People & Culture)
Security Guard - St Thomas Elgin General Hospital - Part-Time
Security Guard - Part-Time  Formet - St. Thomas (People & Culture)
If you didn't see the role you're looking for, do not worry, we are hiring for many more positions. Click on the button below to see all of the positions we're hiring for in the London and St. Thomas area.

Why Paladin Security?

  • Flexible work opportunities to suit your lifestyle
  • Diverse and respectful environment
  • Industry leading training
  • Essential skills in the field of Criminology, Emergency Management, De-escalation Tactics, and Customer Service
  • Career exploration for those interested in Policing, 911 Dispatch, Investigations, and Security Analysis


Industry Leading Security Guard Training

As the leading training organization within the security industry, Paladin has developed a number of revolutionary training programs for both our staff and our clients.   From advanced training for specific industries, company-paid business degrees for management, or various lunch ‘n learns for our clients, Paladin has earned a national reputation as the leading training organization within the security industry.

Promotion from within

Our promotion from within philosophy is simple, yet powerful. We believe in equipping you with the best-in-class training and knowledge through specialized courses and continuing education programs. This philosophy doesn’t just fill shifts, it nurtures careers. Every day, we help our people develop their careers. Through our development programs and career coaching, any member of our team can plot their career path within our organization, lending stability to our workforce.

Other benefits

  • Extended medical and dental benefits
  • Dedicated Employee Care Team
  • Employee Assistant Program
  • Free Uniform
  • Recognition and Rewards Program


Do I need security license or experience to be considered?

StartFragment You do not need a security license or experience to be considered. Paladin will provide information on the licensing process to all those who are interested.EndFragment

How much does a Security Guard make?

Compensation is dependent on location, experience, qualification, and availability to meet the scheduling needs of the role.

What does it take to become a security guard?

Check out our blog on How to Become a Security Guard. This article provides some tips to help you answer some of the most common questions related to becoming a security guard:
  • - How do I get a security guard licence?
  • - How long do you have to go to school to be a security guard?
  • - How much does it cost to become a security guard?
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