No Phone Line? No Problem

Security Monitoring without a phone line

Don’t have a traditional phone, or worried about the possibility of a burglar cutting your phone line? We have the solution for you. Paladin offers both internet monitoring as well as monitoring over cellular digital radio (GSM) for your primary or your back-up alarm reporting.

For years, alarm panels have relied upon traditional telephone lines to deliver their alarm signals to the monitoring station; however, many home and condo owners are opting out of telephone service in favour of simply maintaining their cellphone as their home service.

For these owners, both internet and GSM cellular options available for alarm reporting. Not only are these reliable methods of communication, both of these are faster than regular telephone lines for transmitting your signals to our Operations Centres!

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An Extraordinary Acknowledgement

Feb 8, 2017
Paladin Security Officer Awarded a Civic Service Award by the Victoria Police Department

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