Tip 10: Too Much Information

Are you giving out details that help a thief?

If a burglar calls, and hears on your voicemail that you’ll be on vacation in the sunny Caribbean for two weeks, those will be the sweetest words he could hear. 

Technology has helped burglars. It’s easy to do an Internet search to match an address with a phone number, especially if you have your last name written anywhere outside your home. And it’s easy to call to make sure someone is out - especially if there’s a message confirming it on their voicemail. Additionally, with the rise of Facebook and Twitter as social media tools, you should consider what you are posting or tweeting. Are you telling the world when you are away on vacation?  

While there may be times that you need to leave a message for someone detailing where you are and what you are doing, you should always ensure that this is done with the security of your home in mind. Don’t divulge unnecessary or compromising information, since you can’t control who will hear or see it.

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Mar 22, 2017
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