Tip 4: Yard

Your fence & yard could be deterring or inviting burglars

No burglar wants to be caught, therefore, they’ll target the homes that they feel are the least risky. Depending upon your fence and yard, you may be deterring would-be burglars or inviting them into your home.

A Fence

A good, solid fence is a deterrent, since it’s one more obstacle that the thief has to overcome to get into your home, and one more hurdle he has to cross as he carries your possessions out with him.

Fence Height

A picket fence or a chain link fence is good, since visibility of the yard is not obstructed.  However, if your fence is high and can act as cover for the thief, you are helping him: once he is over the fence, he does not have to worry about neighbours or passing police cars spotting him.  Further, high solid fences can act as a barrier for the sound of breaking glass.

Hedges & Shrubbery

The same holds true with hedges or shrubbery. The more privacy that you have from the road and from your neighbours, the more privacy the thief has. So large hedges or bushes located near the house should also be trimmed back so that they do not afford the burglar a hiding place.

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