Tip 6: Dogs

Taking a bite out of crime!

For many people, a dog is all they need to protect their home, family and possessions. Or so they think. While professionally trained dogs are one of the better deterrents against burglars, most dogs do not have this type of training. A good burglar knows that he can turn most dogs into friendly pets with a chunk of meat.  

A Responsible Dog Owner

If you love dogs and want to own one, you will also significantly improve the security of your family and home if you train him or her properly. But weigh the downsides: dogs are expensive to keep, and an alarm system can be less expensive and more reliable. Also, it’s possible that your guard dog may seriously injure a child, one who innocently walks into your yard after their ball, for example. Are you prepared for this kind of liability? 

Owning a dog is not just a privilege, it's a responsibility. Dogs depend on us for food, care and shelter, and deserve even more. If you are considering getting a dog for security, you need to think seriously about the commitment and the training that dog ownership requires.

Professional Training

Because of the liability involved with owning a dog trained for protection, you must enlist the services of a professional to train you and your dog. A professional trainer can asses the level of protection the dog should learn and give you a plan to install the desired level of training. A professional dog protection trainer will ensure your dog has stable nerves, a good temperament and a social capability that enables them to live and function within all social circumstances.

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