Tip 8: Who's There

Do you find out who's at your door before opening it?

With home invasions on the rise, it’s crucial to know who is at your door when you hear a knock. Is it the postman or is it a prospective thief? Don’t be afraid to ask. If the person is legitimate, they’ll will have no problem in telling you their purpose. If for any reason you don’t feel comfortable opening the door, then don’t!


A peephole is a must-have for your security, so you can visually identify all visitors. While you need special tools to install a peephole, they are fairly inexpensive to purchase.


In a high-rise or a gated community, take special care over whom you let in via the intercom. Some people can’t be bothered to say "no" to someone who buzzes them, even if that person is unknown. The rule of thumb is to never let anyone in the building unless you know who they are. If they don’t have a key or an access card, generally speaking, they don’t belong. If they insist on you letting them in, simply refer them to the manager of the building.

Also, keep in mind that even people you may recognize around the building may no longer have a right to enter the building. Take, for example, the husband of the lady you met down the hall. How are you to know that he is now the estranged husband who has a restraining order out against him? How are you to know that you may have endangered that woman’s life by letting him in? The best thing to do is to not get involved in the first place by not letting anyone in.

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