Tip 9: Temptations

Taking away the opportunity

While many burglaries are planned in advance, some are crimes of opportunity. Not surprisingly, the best way to safeguard against crimes of opportunity is simply to take away the opportunity.


A ladder in your garage or against your house can help a thief to get into a second floor window. Put the ladder in the house or chain and lock it up inside the garage.


Tools you keep in your garage can either be stolen or used to gain entry to your home. That crow bar could be used on your front door. Either lock the tools up inside the garage or store them in the house. Even a shovel left out in the garden provides an opportunity for an industrious thief.

Open doors

Two of the most common crimes of opportunity happen when a homeowner steps out just for a few minutes, and leaves the door unlocked or even open, or when the homeowner is in the backyard and leaves the front door open. Take these chances away, so that you aren’t victimized.

Hidden spare keys

Next time a friend comes over, challenge him or her to find your spare key. Chances are most people will find it within two minutes. If your friend can find your key, think how fast a professional burglar can find it. Think very seriously about where you plan to hide your spare key: the farther away that it is located, the less likely that it will be found.

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