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Competitive intelligence allows our clients to better understand the world outside their business, so that they can be as competitive as possible. Our analysts utilize an Open Source system as one of a range of investigative tools, in order to obtain various pieces of intelligence. If you are entering new markets, or vetting third parties, we offer a wide range of consulting services to address your specific needs. Timely information is critical to your ability to make business decisions with confidence.


Paladin investigators were retained to conduct due diligence regarding an individual and his company, which our client was interested in conducting business with. The prospective company provided information about their business and executive structure to our client. Investigators proceeded to conduct an investigation to confirm the information. We determined that the company president was actually living in Canada illegally under an assumed name and had an extraditable arrest warrant for murder in another country. Investigators continued their searches under the subject’s original name and found that he was involved in an investment fraud venture which netted losses in the millions of dollars. Our client opted not to conduct business with this individual and requested that our information be passed on to the proper authorities. As a result, the subject was arrested, extradited and convicted of murder.

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Mar 22, 2017
Canadian grown company brings award-winning approach to the US marketplace

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