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Mitigate risk with the theft and distribution of your intellectual property

With the rise of digital technologies and internet file sharing networks, intellectual property theft is a growing industry. We assist our clients in protecting their ideas, inventions and creative expressions, which includes everything from trade secrets and proprietary products and parts to movies, games, music and software. Our team utilizes open source analysis for these investigations, in coordination with possible surveillance. We have extensive experience liaising with various local and international police forces.


Our client contacted Paladin investigators to seek assistance with a copyright matter. The client was a well-recognised production company, responsible for the distribution of various types of movies. The client received some information regarding the copying of their product and the distribution of that product without consent. Paladin investigators conducted covert inquiries with the potential suspects and were able to purchase some of the items in an effort to confirm they were illegal copies. While conducting open source searches, our investigators maximized our location-based social media tools to pinpoint the exact location of a warehouse containing a large number of these counterfeit copies. Further undercover operations ensued where investigators were able to obtain further evidence, which led to a search warrant for the premises. This investigation supported our client’s brand protection efforts.

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Mar 22, 2017
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