Open Source Analysis

Effective intelligence gathering techniques

Our investigators specialize in background inquiries utilizing Open Source Analysis. This technique allows us to compile a profile of an individual, which may include information such as address, contact information, business affiliations, criminal records, social activities, day-to-day activities and associations. Our investigators utilize OSA as an intelligence gathering technique in order to better direct other investigative measures such as surveillance or interviews. All information contained in our reports is court ready and within privacy guidelines.
Open Source Analysis is primarily used at the start of any investigation for intelligence gathering, and involves researching social media, databases, federal and provincial government records and conducting deep web searches. Open Source Analysis is extremely valuable in supporting our team to build timelines, chart networks and link events, and Paladin’s analysts are particularly adept at uncovering this critical information. 


Paladin investigators were conducting an investigation regarding the theft of a large number of laptops from a corporate business. As part of the investigation, we conducted an open source analysis in an effort to locate any information relating to the theft. Investigators were able to locate a suspect selling goods online through an anonymous network. Using specialized searches, investigators were able to locate the laptops being sold by an individual and they were also able to identify that person. The investigation transitioned into a surveillance and undercover operation where the suspect was identified and arrested by police. $103,000 in computer hardware was recovered.

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Mar 22, 2017
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