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With starting pay rates of $18.00 to $20.00 per hour and opportunities for

career advancement, the possibilities with Paladin are endless!

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Why Healthcare Security?

Besides joining a company that cares about your career and growth, there are many reasons why Healthcare Security is the best position to advance your career:  

  • Many opportunities for career advancement within Paladin and externally 
  • Grow your Skills! Unmatched industry-leading training 
  • Reach your Goals! Unparalleled experience for career advancement in healthcare or law enforcement 
  • Make an impact! Keep healthcare workers, patients, and visitors safe    

Healthcare is the most sought-after work experience by recruiters for 

Law Enforcement, Paramedics, Psychiatric Nurses, Social Workers, and Peace Officers

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What's Special About Paladin?

Paladin seeks to create and maintain an environment where every employee is rewarded according to their contribution, prepared for duty by our company training, and treated as a member of the Paladin Family.

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