Promotion From Within

Our employees' career mapping stories from coast to coast.

Paladin Security believes in our people. Our management teams are comprised of security professionals who have years of experience in the field - many of whom started right here as Security Officers. Through dedication, commitment and a never-ending desire for self-improvement, our people are given every opportunity to grow their careers and their knowledge of the industry, to take on new challenges in an ever-changing and dynamic work environment.

Our belief in promoting from within, coupled with our strong record of growth, has provided countless opportunities for our members to grow within our company. With our extensive training programs and impressive growth, members of Paladin can easily develop a successful career path within our company, as demonstrated in our unique series below. Whether you're looking to work in any one of our branches nationwide or in the field, the possibilities are endless!

Kristen Laing Breemersch, Paladin Security Brandon Employee Care Coordinator
I started with Paladin Security in Brandon in January 2012 as a casual Security Officer working special event security primarily. My first shift was at Ag Days in the Keystone Centre, which was so... Read More
Thomas Taggart, Client Service Manager
I've been part of the Paladin family for several years now, initially joining Paladin Security in Halifax in the healthcare security field.  In addition to acting as Shift Supervisor, I was awarded... Read More
Frankie Townsend, Paladin Security Fort McMurray Human Resources Manager
I left Victoria, BC, in May 2011 with my family eager to start our new life in Alberta and, like a lot of people I've met since, I walked through the doors of the Paladin Security Fort McMurray... Read More
Trevor Sparkes, Paladin Security Programs Manager
I have been with Paladin Security for over four years now and, during that time, I have received many promotions. I started out as a Security Officer, remaining on-call to provide coverage for... Read More
James Butlin, Paladin Security Healthcare Contract Supervisor
When I first arrived in Alberta three years ago, I immediately knew that Paladin Security was for me and I haven’t looked back since. I decided I wanted to become a part of this renowned organization... Read More
Heidi Hamilton, Paladin Security Client Service Manager
After completing my Criminal Justice degree, I was looking for a work environment that would allow me to develop my skills and knowledge in the security and law enforcement field. I joined Paladin... Read More
Wendy Hamilton, Paladin Security Special Event Security Manager
I joined Paladin Security in Brandon in May 2010. Thanks to my experience and the faith Paladin had in my abilities, I progressed quickly from Security Officer to Supervisor and Special Event... Read More
Glenn Dahiroc, Paladin Security Operations Manager
Like many aspiring young men and women, since I was child I wanted to be a police officer.  With that plan in mind, I started off my career as a Healthcare Security Officer in 2001. Fortunately, what... Read More
Harinder Sundal, Paladin Security Client Service Manager
I have 24 years of experience in security, working in the field since 1989 in various capacities with different organizations including the Solicitor General, Nova and ATCO. I began my career by... Read More
Matt A’Court, Paladin Security Training Coordinator
After several years working in the private security industry in Nova Scotia, I moved to Calgary to pursue a career in policing. While in the recruiting process with Calgary Police Service, Paladin... Read More
Siavash Ghaem, Paladin Security Senior Field Manager
I started my career with Paladin in summer of 2008 as a healthcare security Patient Watch Officer and, shortly afterwards, I became a full-time Security Officer. With English as my second language,... Read More
Sunil Sheemar, Paladin Security Site Director
I joined Paladin Security as a Security Officer in 2006. My hard work was quickly noticed and I was promoted to Control Centre Operator, and then Shift Supervisor roles. Within eighteen months, I had... Read More
Breanna Guy, Paladin Security Site Manager
Throughout my experience at Paladin Security Group, I have had the opportunity to work with some amazing people. The reason Paladin is such a successful company is because of the belief in promotion... Read More
Jeff Peng, Paladin Security Senior Client Service Manager
I joined Paladin Security in August 2009 as a Security Officer. I initially intended to use the job as a stepping stone to pay my way through the last few semesters of my undergraduate degree in... Read More
Jonathan Louie, Paladin Security Client Service Manager
I started my career with Paladin in 2010 as a Security Officer in the downtown core. With no prior industry knowledge, I had to rely heavily on my peers, mentors and extensive security training that... Read More
Diana Trasolini, CHRP, Paladin Security Human Resources Manager
I began with Paladin Security nearly four years ago in 2010 as a Human Resources Coordinator. For over two years, I was mentored by the best in the business to expand my knowledge and experience in... Read More
Jason Creek, Paladin Security Corporate Employee Care Coordinator, National Quality Standards & Support
I started with Paladin as a Security Officer working evening shifts. From there, I moved into our Mobile Department as a Mobile Patrol Officer, then Zone Supervisor and Field Manager, before... Read More
Blair Davenport, Paladin Security Operations Manager
Like many individuals working in the security industry, I started out with the intent of gaining experience for a future career in law enforcement. Despite having previously held management level... Read More
Rachel Healy, Paladin Security Social Media Marketing Manager
I joined Paladin Security in July 2009, having come to Canada from Ireland with an International Bachelor of Arts Degree in French & English, and a Master's in Journalism. I worked as a Corporate... Read More
Sandeep (Sunny) Kahlon, Paladin Security Client Service Manager
Fresh out of college in September 2002, I was presented with a career opportunity as a front-line Healthcare Security Officer for a small security company. Early in my career, my skills, dedication... Read More

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