Our Supervisory & Support Structure

An integrated team of security professionals

When you hire Paladin Security to look after your facilities, you are not just hiring the services of a professional on-site Security Officer, you are buying the services of a highly integrated team of security professionals. We support our clients and our staff through a series of supervisory and support functions to ensure that they receive the ultimate in protection. Our support structure includes the following resources:

Client Service Managers

Client Service Managers (CSMs) oversee Paladin's service delivery model at each and every site in our portfolio, and take overall responsibility for the security program.  

Field Managers

Field Managers are Paladin's after-hours management representative and are an integral part of the quality process within our company. They are a mobile resource and their sole purpose is to support our Security Officers in the field, so that we are always exceeding our client's expectations.

Operations Supervisors

Our Operations Supervisors work out of our Operations Centres and ensure that the full weight of Paladin's supervisory and support resources are directed towards your facility, so that all security issues are resolved efficiently and professionally. Operational Supervisors also deal with short notice book-offs and other immediate staffing requirements that may come up, such as additional Security Officer requirements during emergency situations.

Zone Supervisors

Zone Supervisors are the highest ranking uniformed Officers in the company, and their purpose is to supervise and support our Security Officers in the field.

Mobile Supervisors

Mobile Supervisors respond to incidents and problems that may occur at our sites, and assist the on-site Security Officers and Supervisors in bringing the incident to a positive conclusion.

Site Supervisors

Site Supervisors lead the security program at each site they are assigned to and ensure that all Security Officers deliver the Paladin difference.

Shift Supervisors

Shift Supervisors work at hours when Site Supervisors are not on duty, and ensure that there is a continuity of supervision and support during these hours.

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Mar 22, 2017
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