Healthcare Security

Building the safest environment for patients, staff & visitors.

Paladin Security has been providing security services in the demanding healthcare environment for nearly 25 years. As Canada’s leading provider of healthcare security services serving more than 200 healthcare facilities from coast to coast, our clients rely on us to protect their assets, patients, visitors and caregivers, and we take that responsibility very seriously.

Our experience in this specialized area allows us to distinguish between not only the healthcare and non-healthcare environments, but between large urban acute care hospitals, smaller rural community hospitals, community health services in clinics and even community workers delivering care, often in healthcare client homes. Our recruitment, hiring and training programs address these distinctions to ensure the “right fit” of Security Officer, and / or integrated security solution for a particular setting or to meet a specific client's requirements.

While other companies struggle to recognize the differences between healthcare security and other security business lines, we have built our company around these specializations and can focus on meeting the specific requirements of our customers within each unique hospital, health system or province.

At Paladin, the highest quality Security Officers in the industry receive by far the most complete and relevant training anywhere in the country, and are supported by a management team that is also trained to the highest levels in healthcare security and emergency management. All of our healthcare management team are members of the International Association for Healthcare Security & Safety (IAHSS) and, perhaps more importantly, all of our Security Officers and Supervisors have gone through extensive healthcare security specific training and site specific orientation that is proprietary to Paladin, and represents the most advanced training offered in the industry anywhere in Canada.



Services Provided to the Healthcare Market:

  • Healthcare trained Security Guards with a focus on customer service
  • Innovative technological solutions that make sense in a healthcare environment
  • 24/7 Operations Centres providing support to our staff and clients
  • Mobile Patrol and response functions to offer flexible and timely solutions in the field
  • Additional security resources on-demand for Patient Watch, Fire Watch or emergencies
  • Security Consulting & Risk Assessment tailored to healthcare
  • Development of Site Security Plans to exceed Accreditation Standards
  • Fire Safety services including fire plans, training, drills and exercises
  • Emergency Management & Business Continuity support
  • Development of KPIs and benchmarking with like organizations

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Mar 14, 2017
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